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Elizabeth’s Place

Elizabeth's Place is an Educational Center sponsored by the Pregnancy and Parenting Support Center.  Moms can attend free pre-natal, parenting and job skills classes. They will earn Baby Bucks for every completed class or activity, then the Baby Bucks can be used to get free diapers, wipes, food and formula, consumable products like lotion, powder, shampoo, baby bath, teething gel.  They can also use your points to get free infant furnishings like cribs, car seats, playpens, swings, diaper bags, crib linens and infant clothing and shoes.

Any woman who is pregnant, or who has a child under three years old can participate in our program to get these products. We can also provide pregnancy tests, and if the test is positive, we will prepare a report of pregnancy (necessary for enrollment in county or state pre-natal medical care.) All services at the Pregnancy Center and at Elizabeth's Place are free and confidential.

Elizabeth's Place Offers
Free, On-Premises Child-Care, While Moms Are In Class.


What Kind of Classes Are Offered at Elizabeth's Place?

  • Baby's Health and Safety – Car Seat Safety, Reducing SID's Factors, Shaken Baby Syndrome, Infant CPR, Child-Proofing Your Home, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Changes and Challenges – Discussion Class.  Helps you understand and prepare for the many ways that becoming a mom will change your relationships with your own parents, with your friends, and/or your spouse.
  • Computer Skills Lab – Learn computer basics and become familiar with use of Microsoft Office products: Word, Excel, Access, Outlook and PowerPoint.  Completion of full series will equip you to apply for entry level office positions.
  • English as a Second Language – To aid our Spanish speaking clients by providing the opportunity to learn the basic English Language skills necessary to obtain childcare, education, medical, and community services for your children. Inquire about schedule.
  • Great Expectations – Different topics each week related to pregnancy.  Topics to be explored include Pre-natal Development, Understanding Fetal Growth and Monitoring, Common Pre-Natal Tests, Common Pregnancy Problems, Eating for Two, Labor & Delivery, Birth w/ Anesthesia, Emergency C-Section, When to Call Your Doctor.
  • Job Skills Development  - Learn how to write a resume, apply for a job, choose appropriate dress for the job and conduct a good interview.
  • Lamaze – Prepared childbirth classes for you and your labor coach. (Any client needing a labor support coach should speak to your counselor at the Pregnancy Center.)
  • My Baby & Me – Led by Pediatric medical personnel, this class will present a different topic each week related to parenting: from sleep and feeding solutions to discipline and child development.
  • Playing to Learn – Discover how to set your baby on the road to being a good learner through simple play activities.
  • Reading to Lap Babies – Enjoy helping your child explore the world of books from his or her earliest days.  Discover the joy of simply spending time with your baby while developing language skills. Smoking Cessation – Get support from others as you aim to quit smoking for your own health and the health of your baby.
  • Taking Care of Baby – Helping first-time moms prepare for the practical care of their newborns.

Practical Questions an Expenting Mom Wants to Know

  • Medical visits: If my baby is healthy, why do I have to visit the Dr. so often?
    Immunizations, Why are they necessary and what is the law?
    Bathing and shampooing? How do I do it? How often is it necessary?
  • Feeding: Should I formula feed or breastfeed? Schedules, burping and soothing gas.
  • Diapering: How? How often, What's normal?
  • Sleep: How much does my baby need?
    What will happen if my child doesn't get enough sleep?
  • Portability: Is there any reason I can't take my baby everywhere I go?
    Is it okay to let other people hold my baby?
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