Crisis Pregnancy Support Center of the Mainland, Inc.  

Baby Michael's Story


On a crisp January morning a young woman walked into our office, introduced herself, and told us she was a student at College of the Mainland studying to be a medical assistant.  She wanted to know what kind of services we offered.

We gave her a tour of the facilities, described our various programs and explained the Earn-As-You-Learn concept designed to help women get needed material assistance as they learn about having a healthy pregnancy and acquire positive mothering.

When she asked what we knew about abortion, we

told her we had a great deal of information about abortion procedures and the long-term impact it had on the lives of most women choosing abortion.  We told her we knew abortion was never good for babies, and that we believed it to be physically, emotionally and spiritually destructive for women, then we explained our goal was to do everything possible to help every pregnant woman we come in contact with to choose life for the baby she was carrying.

That's when she told us she was pregnant, and she challenged us to convince her she should carry this baby.  She was a full-time student and the father of her baby did not really want a baby.  She feared this pregnancy would interrupt her education.

Volunteer Today complete form.One of our volunteers spent more than four hours with her.  She was hungry for information, but very reluctant to the idea of carrying this baby to term.  With her permission, we showed her four different films about early fetal development and abortion . . . all dealing with different aspects of an abortion decision ... all creating doubts that abortion was really the solution she was seeking.  She left our office still not certain of what decision she would make.  She would not permit us to contact her to see how she was doing; all we could do is pray that God would reach through her fear and pain and turn her heart towards the child He created.  He did.

Early the next week she came in to thank us for all the information and support.  She had decided to carry her baby, and while still feeling overwhelmed by mixed emotions, she was confident of her decision.  She returned to the Center dozens of times during her pregnancy, and after Michael's birth, to participate CPSC activities and earn many of the items she needed for her son.

Today, this mother is very grateful for the little guy in her life, and she is thankful for our encouragement to give her baby life.  In May, Michael's mom graduated from her training program and she is now working full-time to provide for her son.  She now comes in three or four times a year with a delivery of 150-200 jars of baby food so that she can help us to help other abortion-minded moms.

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