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Baby Le-Le's Story


Known around the Pregnancy Center as "Le-Le", this healthy, bright-eyed miracle was conceived in the womb of a 31-year old mother who came to us in great distress.  Although 22-weeks pregnant, Norma was an active cocaine user, a heavy drinker and regular pot smoker. She came to us looking for an abortion clinic.

Instead, as Norma told her story to a caring volunteer she was offered help and hope in the resources of our Pregnancy Center.  Norma was encouraged to stay away from the drugs and to get sober.  She was told about a God who loved her, and of His people who were ready to offer any support needed to give her baby life. She didn't believe us.

We prayed that somehow our gracious Heavenly Father would touch Norma's life and that of the child she was carrying.  Le-Le's mom refused to give us consent for further contact, so we were unable to follow-up with our normal encouragement and personal contacts.

When she left our center, Norma still desperately wanted an abortion.  From a human perspective, we had no reason to believe she would choose life for her baby but we prayed God would reach her.  Several months later, nearly three weeks before Le-Le's due date, Norma returned to our Center.  We were stunned, and intensely grateful, to see this very pregnant client! Truly she was an answer to our prayers.  She challenged us to make good on our offers.

Volunteer Today complete form.Since Le-Le's birth, Norma has gotten sober, and off drugs.  In recent months, as she has grown to understand how very much Jesus loves her, Norma made the decision to make Jesus Lord of her life.  Now she regularly comes to our office to learn about putting Christ as the centerpiece in her role as a mother.  And while she learns to meet the practical, spiritual, emotional and developmental needs of her child, she is earning all the furnishings, products, clothing and supplies needed to enjoy life with Le-Le.

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