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Baby Jennifer's Story


Jennifer is a bright-eyed, beautiful, year-old toddler who we love to see at the Center. Her smile lights up the whole room when she comes in. Her mother has been a client at our Center for over four years. She came in when Jennifer's brother was a tiny infant, and the family had a wide range of needs.

Jennifer's family is Spanish, and speaks very limited English. Her daddy has had re-occurring health problems leaving him unable to work for long periods of time. This has often made it difficult for the family to have many of the things that make life with a baby a little bit easier.

Jennifer's mom has been a very faithful participant in the Spanish-speaking Bible-study held at the Center on Friday afternoon. Of her more than 250 visits to the Center, nearly 200 have been attending this weekly Bible Study. This young mother has become so grounded in her Christian faith that she often substitutes for the Bible-study leader when the leader can not be here to teach the class . . . and she is responsible for encouraging many other Spanish-speaking clients to get involved in the Center's Bible-study.

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Through the years, Jennifer's mom has also come in to do volunteer work at the center. She has assisted us in communicating with clients who do not speak English, she has helped us prepare mailings, organize our blessing-room closet, assisted in cleaning the Center and helped us to prepare literature we distribute to CPSC clients.

Her participation in Center activities has helped her to earn many of the things she and her children have needed: clothes, furnishings, diapers, food and consumable supplies.

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