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Baby Carlos's Story


At 5 months of age, Carlos has never seen his Daddy.  His mom came to our Center in September for a pregnancy test.  She was devastated.  A week earlier, when she told her husband she thought she was pregnant, he walked out on her and their two daughters, then ages 2 and 4.  He didn't want another baby, especially if it might be a girl.  He left for Mexico and has never returned.

In the midst of struggling with the break-up of her family, Carlos' mom never even considered the option that seems so easy to many women facing a crisis pregnancy; abortion was never a consideration.  We offered her the opportunity to explore an adoption option, but she was determined she would raise her baby no matter how difficult things might be.

Our volunteers have been able to offer practical, emotional and spiritual support to this family throughout their crisis.  Since the visit confirming her pregnancy, this mom has come to our Center more than 80 times.  Volunteer Today complete form.She has participated in nearly every activity we have offered including "Great Expectations" prenatal classes, "My Baby and Me" parenting classes and Infant Massage classes.  She has viewed films on pregnancy, labor and delivery, parenting, relationships, sexual health and spiritual health. She participates in our "Changes and Challenges" group discussion class as well as individual counseling.  Occasionally she comes in to perform volunteer work on projects the Center needs to have completed.

Because of the Earn-As-You-Learn component of the CPSC program, this mom has earned hundreds of points.  And with them she has been able to get absolutely everything needed for Carlos' arrival. As we invest in her life, this mother is maintaining a stable home for all three of her children.

Please join us in prayer that this family would be physically and spiritually reunited.

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