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The staff and volunteers of the Pregnancy and Parenting Support Center know that motherhood, while being one of the most rewarding jobs in the world, is also one of the most difficult.

Your active involvement in our program will prepare you to be an awesome mom .... while eliminating so many of the "surprises" that come with being a new mom. And, because we believe that one of the most important duties a parent has, is to be a provider for their child, we want to help you fulfill that part of your new responsibility by giving you the opportunity to earn just about anything you might need for your baby.

That's why we offer a wide-range of fun, educational opportunities – both individual activities and group classes. Each activity is assigned a point value; when you complete the activity or class, you will earn the designated amount of Baby Bucks. Baby Bucks can be redeemed in our Blessing Room for items you need for your baby: cribs, car seats, play pens, potty chairs, diapers, wipes, lotion, powder, oil, baby bath, shampoo, teething gel, clothing and shoes, baby food and formula.

Volunteer Today complete form.You choose how much or how little you participate. Some moms take every class we have to offer, others only take one or two classes. That's why we call our program "EARN AS YOU LEARN". The more activities you participate in, the more Baby Bucks you earn and the more products you can "buy" for your baby.

In addition to Baby Bucks, we offer you the opportunity to earn special gifts when you complete specific groups of classes and activities. We think these activities will give you and your baby the best start together, and we simply want to reward your commitment to becoming the best mom you can be!

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In December, 2003, through the generosity of the former Clement and Reed Architect firm, it's partners, Tom Clement and Lyman Reed (as well as their family members) and with a grant from the Permanent Endowment Fund of Moody Memorial First United Methodist Church, The Crisis Pregnancy Support Center was able to acquire a facility where we will offer regular classes to help the young women in our program to become better moms. This new educational center will be known as ELIZABETH'S PLACE.  Here's how this name was selected:

In Annandale, Virginia there is a special lady whose love for God, whose love for pre-born children and their moms, and whose love for life itself, is both an encouragement and an example to all who know her.

I met Elizabeth in the early 1980's when she was a young 60-something-year-old.  Elizabeth went faithfully every week to a local abortion clinic for one purpose ... to pray.  She prayed God would change the hearts of young women seeking abortions at that place.  She prayed that God would change the hearts of men and women throughout the world who made their living by killing children made in the image of her holy God.  She prayed for those of us on the front lines seeking to offer hope and help to women who were alone and scared.  She prayed for the church, that the body of Christ would be moved to compassion ... that the things that broke the heart of God would break ours, and that Christians everywhere would support, with their time and their resources, the efforts to protect God's precious little ones.

Elizabeth, (now a young 90-something year old!) doesn't go to the abortion clinics anymore ... never-the-less, she is still the most faithful prayer warrior I know.  But Elizabeth hasn't just prayed all these years, she does. Widowed at a young age and never remarried, Elizabeth knows the struggles and loneliness that is part of being a single parent.  She has volunteered her time to work at the Pregnancy Center, she purchases items at yard sales to help stock the Center's baby closet, she has provided leadership by serving on the Board of Directors and she generously supports Pregnancy Center work with whatever financial donations she is able.

Her courage is huge, her strength and her fortitude are enormous, her laughter and love are contagious.  Some time after turning 60, Elizabeth hiked the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine, alone with her tent on her back.  Then, more than 10 years later, she hiked it again!  As she faithfully prayed to end abortion, God deepened her convictions. Knowing the day will come when she will be accountable to the Righteous Judge for both her actions and inaction, Elizabeth made the decision on several occasions to stand before earthly judges in order to protect pre-born children and to proclaim that laws allowing the destruction of our children are simply wrong.

In short, Elizabeth is a woman of God, willing to serve Him with her whole heart, without much thought to what it will cost her.  Her life belongs to Him.  She lives to serve him.  So when the CPSC Board encouraged me to choose a fitting name, ELIZABETH'S PLACE just seemed right.  It also seemed right for another reason.

As Christians, we know that no matter how difficult our circumstances, God never puts us in a place where he does not provide support and encouragement.  One of the clearest examples of this is with Mary, the mother of Jesus.

We have the benefit of looking at Mary's crisis pregnancy through the backdrop of the cross, and the totality of the Word of God.  But make no mistake about it:  Mary's pregnancy was an enormous crisis for her at the time.  And yet, despite the implausibility of a miraculous conception, God did the work, not once, but twice: for while Mary was pregnant with Our Lord, Jesus, her cousin Elizabeth, was also pregnant by the hand of God; carrying John Baptist.  No one else in the entire world could possibly have identified with being a pregnant virgin, yet God provided Mary with comfort, encouragement, hope, love, respect, mercy, compassion and grace through Elizabeth, a woman with heartfelt compassion who trusted, without reservation, that God was at work in Mary's life.

It is our prayer that the body of Christ will continue to partner with the staff and volunteers of the Crisis Pregnancy Support Center so that we may offer that same heartfelt compassion to every young woman who walks through the doors of ELIZABETH'S PLACE.

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